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This is a group formed to promote Jill Stein for the President of the United States. We need an alternative to the Duopoly of Democrats and Republicans who actively support the 1% under a whole range of hypocrisy, duplicity, propaganda, and various other sleights of hand.

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Jill Stein is an articulate and savvy physician who has been drawn into politics because of health issues she encountered in her medical practice. She is the Green candidate for the president of the United States and is running for president against the representatives of the Duopoly (Republicans and Democrats: Romney/Obama). She is running on a platform which insists on changes in democratic system that include taking the money out of politics; a fair tax code; a national healthcare system for all (the public option or Medicare for all Americans); a serious jobs program which will fund 25 million jobs; bringing our troops home from Afghanistan; equal rights for women which includes ratifying the ERA and making it part of the constitution plus proportional representation in Congress and full prosecution of sexual harassment. For more on the platform of Jill Stein and the Greens, go here: